"Germanske SS Norge" Uniform for SS-Untersturmführer

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100% perfect "Germanske ϟϟ Norge" uniform.

100% perfect "Germanske ϟϟ Norge" uniform.


It has four pleated patch pockets with scalloped flaps and belt hooks. Includes corded keyhole buttonholes. Comes with aluminum twisted wire around collar.

The uniform is supplied with:
- SS collar tabs for SS-Untersturmführer.
- Cuff title, "Germanske SS Norge" in Silver Bullion.
- "Germanske SS Norge" Raven in Gray Cotton.
- "SS" Badge on right arm in Silver Bullion.
- Shoulder board for SS-Untersturmführer.
- Breeches included.

Now also with woven SS/RZM tag in both tunic and breeches.

"Germanske SS Norge" was intended to become an elite corp in Norway. It was founded the 21st of July."Germanske SS Norge" usually has been compared to Allgemeine-SS.