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German Daggers

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Good repros of German Daggers, all pictures are of the dagger you will get.


SS Honor Dagger with handle in WOOD!

Our New SS Daggers Ready!

SS Honor Dagger with handle in 100% Wood.
Not plastic as other countries make.
Text on blade: "Meine Ehre Heisst Treue"
Marked: "RZM M7/14.

Please see ALL pictures, made in 14 pieces. Handcrafted.

Size: 41,5 cm.

Sold out!

Diplomatic Service Dagger

Sold out!

Hitler Youth dagger

"Blut und Ehre" on reverse of the blade.
Sold out!

Luftwaffe Honour Dagger

Luftwaffe Dagger Approx 40cm.
Sold out!

R.A.D. Honour Dagger

Approx 40cm long. Steel blade, heavy dagger.

Sold out!